took my bullie to the park


took my bullie to the park today things were going fine ,until this lady came with her lab who just doesn’t like my vida,well i was in the inclosure not the park area talkin to another dog owner when she came inside the park, while we stood behind the gate her dog charged my bullie for no reason as always, she barked back too,but boy was i pissed off but what got me was that the other dog owner that i was talkin to was tellin the dog to back up even pushed it with his knee,but he kept chargin the fence tryin to get at my bullie,not fair we had to leave because of her!! was just trying to see if his dogs and mine would get along,fat chance after what she did. now my bullie is even more uncomfortable around other dogs and thats not how i want her to be ,just as i was getting her used to other dogs this shit keeps happening to her. she is always muzzled,but their dogs are not and she is never the one to lunge to start first.this is not fair to her or me because now we have to wait till night time to take our walks!!!!!