thisis just my opinion   But


thisis just my opinion


But to start with don’t listen to the people who tell you to put the dog down.


start with the basics you need to tell the dog that you are in charge not it food is always a good way to start. We have a feeding ritual it starts with my space wich is the area near the dog food in our case behind the couch he is not alowed to come in my area- next i get the food and take it to his feeding area he then lays down and I place the food in front of him and then stand up and wait for him to acknowledge me by looking at me then i tell him to go ahead. somestimes I will have him stop eating part ways through.


 as i mewntion in an earlier thread there are other things to we practice what i have been told is called dominant massage.

this is where I have the dog lay down feet away from me head down and I massage him from the tip of his nose to his feet.  This is something that i learned as a kid and have used on all my dogs.  when I took my dog to lessons the instructor talked about this technique. I include my children in exercise if the child is really young have it sit in your lap so the dog can get use to him/her.

If you don’t already do it you may want to think about crating/crate training your dog as well as your children. This can give your dog a place to go to feel safe you need to train the kids and other people that when the dog is in its crate it is to be left alone.

Now keep in mind that i don’t pretend to be a expert on pittys but from the stuff I have read they are exceptional pets because they tend not to be human aggresive I don’t fear for a second that griffin will bite my children.  all these things take time. as well dogs tend to be better behaved when they are tired.

linda sue you said that the dog growls at all but one of your grandkids try paying attention to what the one does that the dog doesnt growl at this may give you some insight into why it growls at the other ones