This may not help but do you

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raisins mom

This may not help but do you have a bike? If so and you need to burn some energy off yer dog you can try a K9 cruiser (jusst google it). I used it with my previous pitbull mix when he was a young. It attaches to the back of your bike so your hands are free and the dog can not get caught in the wheel. Baylers used to actualy push the bike some in the begining and then when he wore down we would go at a nice clip. I havent tried it yet w/ Rai cuz he is scared of his shadow and see’s the bike and gets nervous. Could help atleast to burn the energy.
If you want him to stay closer when walking find a treat or fav toy your dog likes and see if it will keep her at your side. For heeling our GSD trainer had us put peanut butter or cream cheese on a spoon and hold it at our side while we walked. Sometimes I hold chicken in my hand and let Rai smell and lick my hand while we walk. You two will find your grove and be strolling long at a happy pace w/ time and practice.