This is soo sad. They can to


This is soo sad. They can to be adopted! Even fighting dogs dont tend to be human aggressive, they usually just dont like animals. This makes me want to cry. This lady should be just as ashamed of herself as the people that fought these poor dogs….you help living things in need, you give them the love they didnt get before, you dont give them a death sentance. Especially when they are the victims. Are we going to start executing rape and assault victims next? Those poor dogs will die knowing nothing but cruelty and that is just soo sad. If only people like us ran the rescues, hopefully some day we will. Animal rescue’s should be ran by people that actually give a damn about animals. And if those dogs get put down then the abusers should too. since when do we kill victims furry or not and let the bad guys go free with a slap on the wrist? What kind of society are we?