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Stereotypes and scapegoats

Stereotyping is a type of discrimination. When a person is stereotyping they are thinking in terms of inflexible categories, and is linked to the psychological mechanism called displacement. Displacement is when one feels feelings of hostility or anger toward objects that are not the origin of those feelings. Many people blame scapegoats for problems that are not their fault. This is normally directed against groups that are relatively powerless, because they make an easy target. It frequently involves projection, which is the unconscious attribution to the others of ones own desires or characteristics.

I have tattoo’s, I do not use drugs however, I am sure if you met me you would most likely presume I did. Yes, I walk my 3 Pitbulls together, we pass by cats and other dogs with no problems.

My IQ level as well as my income, I am sure way surpass yours. So please, stop posting negative things about Pitbulls. You need to educate yourself and meet a few Pitbulls before you judge.

Many types of discrimination exsist in this world.

I would like to follow up with a little short lesson in our animal world. Like all other animals, dogs have the inborn need for food and water, sleep and protection from the elements. Dogs (all dogs) are descended from wolves: in fact, the DNA of dogs and wolves is almost indistinguishable.

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a “problem breed.” However, there is no shortage of “problem owners” and stupid people.