This is a wonderful story, it


This is a wonderful story, it is a lot like mine. I found Lillie, and have never had a dog, let alone a pitbull, I have 3 cats for crying out loud!I found myself laughing at the things you’re going through, because all pitbull’s do those exact same things! From the bark, to the wiggling their way between you and what or whoever is between you and them, they are great dogs, and there will be many things that you will laugh histerically at, they’re the clowns of the dog world, and it seems that you found the perfect friend for your family. Congratulations, and never stop loving your big moose/ox (depending on your view, mine is an ox, and tramples me regularly :), I don’t know what it is about these dogs that makes them believe they are 70 lb. lap dogs, but, I wouldn’t have it any other way!) Another site you may like, that has lots of good info, and cute pics and poems is scroll down to “inspirations”, and under “pet pitbulls” tab.