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This breed presents a number of challenges.  They are very intelligent.  You can show them a trick a couple times and they will catch on extremely quickly.  However, they can be very stubborn.  Kaos knew several tricks before he was potty trained, not because he didn’t know to go to the bathroom outside, but because it was cold out and he didn’t like it.  Have faith in the fact that you are in for an interesting experience!  You’ll find that their exhuberant personalities more than make up for the “comming to God” discussions we have all had with out pits.  My best advice is, take time to enjoy your dog!  Laugh at him when he smacks himself in the face with his tail, let him tuck his poor little cold nose under your elbow and love him when you can’t turn around without tripping over him.  The rest is pretty basic training, but with MUCH more patience.  Watch out for fixation though.  Start early with attention excercises.  Teach your new puppy to ignore other dogs, other people etc.  Pits have a tendency to be very intense and this fixation can often cause problems.  SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE!!  I used to tuck Kaos into the front of my jacket and take him to the store, just so LOADS of people would want to pet him, hold him, etc.