They never even gave my bobo


They never even gave my bobo a cone. I was shocked that they wouldn’t give a 6 month old a cone but it was 125 with medication included so I couldnt complain too much. We bought him little boy undies also thinking that would keep him away but he would wiggle out of them but surprisingly Bo was perfect with his stitches, he didnt bite them at all he probably licked them once when he finally got to sit down and could take a look at them but we just told him no and he didnt touch it at all for the rest of the healing. Getting your girl spayed might be more painful though and its easier to rip stitches out for her but I hope she handles it well. ..and they are in pain so give them their medication in a fun way for them, if its okay for them to have food with their meds wrap it in peanut butter and bread, or cheese or whatever your dog personally likes really. Good luck and its good that you realize the importance of spaying and neutering!