There is a meetup group


There is a meetup group called American Pit Bull & Bully Club Tri-State that is based out of Brooklyn, I believe.  There would be a lot of owners there that could give you guidance and could also help with socialization.

Out of the Pits is an Albany, NY organization that would probably have resources for NY pit bull owners and could direct you.

The NYC ASPCA may also be able to provide guidance on pit friendly classes.  Many communities offer low-cost to free classes especially for pit bulls.  By contacting one of these organizations, they could probably guide you in the right direction. 

The Animal Farm Foundation, Inc is strictly pit bulls!  They have done such wonderful things for the pit bull and it’s reputation.  Visit their website at

I hope that you can find something through one of these groups.  There are many more connections out there, but I think that this would be a start for you!  Make some phone calls and see what you can find out.  You will get a lot of happy people thanking you for trying to make the lives of your pitties the best that they can be!  🙂