The vet did say it could be a

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The vet did say it could be a reaction to something he may be allergic to–he did give him a shot that should stop the irritation/itching, but if it doesn’t, to bring him back in. He had a skin scraping done, but no fleas-ticks-mites. 🙂 He’s a healthy boy–but his skin thing is a mystery! I just bought some shampoo with oatmeal/aloe in it (about $12/bottle), and I think that’ll help soothe his skin when we do give him a bath again (he just had one recently, in the past week or so). But he does sometimes sleep on our clothes–we’ve left things out for him when we’re gone, so I’ll see about switching to a different detergent. Is there a particular one that dogs seem to have a lesser reaction to? Right now we’re using Arm and Hammer liquid stuff. He has been on a new dog food for almost a month now, but if this itching/loss of hair doesn’t go away, we’ll be going to an even better dog food (what a sensitive pup we have, lol). Thanks for your comments!! I hope Aussie is doing well!