The poster said the dog


The poster said the dog nipped at the jehova’s witness 3 times. Nip and bite are 2 different words and mean 2 different things. The other incident she listed the pit ran out with all of her dogs and after her admitted mistake of screaming did the dog get upset and nip again, not bite. This is not going after the animal contol agent as you make it out to be. I was not there i can only take the word of the poster which I believe. Given what she states here I dont think the dog is dangerous. If we are truely to stand up for our beloved breed we have to stand up for them when they act perfectly and when they have the same stupid moments  that ever dog of every breed makes. By saying every pit that makes an error must be put down is ridiculous. Granted there are some pits that should be put down and some that are bad dogs. Putting a dog down should be the last resort, not first reaction which is how you make it sound. I agree that our breed has to fight against banning but saying kill every one that isnt exactly one way does not change any minds, it does the opposite. The people who hate pits will say yes here is another example of a vicious pit having to be put down without anyone willing to stand and say no you would not say vicious of any other breed with the same behavior you will not say it of mine. Yes I am sentamental I truely love my dog, what is the point of having a dog if you dont love it? The last point confuses me. you state the dog is a menace but 2 times nipping at people does not a menace make. The only way you would ever be able to call this dog a menace is if you actually have personal knowledge of the dog, given what is listed here the word is completely misused unless as i said you have personal knowledge of this dog. It baffles me that you are okay with putting this dog down after a couple of nips being a pit owner yourself as you purport when this is fine from other breeds. Sorry my pit is a dog and will act like any other dog on the planet and i will always stand up for the dog I love.