The guy we want is a


The guy we want is a pit/mastiff mix. He’s a pretty big guy, but as sweet as possible. We went and spent hours at the humane society today. In the kennel he would rub against the bars and his whole body would shake until my 7 yr old walked up and he would stop moving and watch her. It made me a little nervous, especially since he hadn’t been evaluated yet. We took him for a walk anyway and he was amazing. He licked her face and when she ran away he just shook his whole body. Then we got to take him into a meeting room where I decided to test him a little. He let us touch him all over, he knows a few commands, doesn’t mind having his tail pulled, face touched, or touching his feet. He was just really sweet and kept drowning my daughter with kisses. He even plays really well. We got him playing he mouths a tiny bit but as soon as we said easy he’d let go and roll over for some belly rubbin’. I really decided I liked him when he tried to pee on my husband, lol. We put in our application so we should know if we get him this week. He will be signed up for CGC training very soon.