The biggest problem I have


The biggest problem I have about going to the dog park is of course people seeing a pitbull. Although there are many friendly people there that love my dog cause all he does is run and play chase with their dog. But The major problem is SMALL dogs. My dog will go up to a small dog and automatically that small dog goes crazy and yaps and nips at my dogs ankles. To understand my dog more he gets scared and distant when a dog shows agression so my dog backs off some. But in some cases he tries to play with them and jump around them. I think the owner acts just like their dog cause they pick them up and say my dog is attacking their dog or scaring their dog. I had one lady pick her dog up and say pitbulls shouldn’t come to the park cause they are out of control. Honestly I think you shouldn’t  bring your small dog that yaps at all the big dogs there. The park is there to have “friendly” dogs socialize and run off their energy.