The best advise I ever got


The best advise I ever got about pits was that I should always have my camera handy, because just when you think they’ve done the weirdest thing they can possibly come up with, they prove you wrong. They are very smart, and insanely creative! Lillie was under 6 mos. when she chewed up my hubby’s leather wallet. Not really weird, except she took out all the cards, and pics, and ate only the leather, she even separated the leather from the cloth inside. I would have been mad, if I wasn’t marveling at the fact that she took everything out. Just the other day, she came up with a new one. She has a bed-it’s really just a huge pillow,but she’s very picky about where she sleeps,and prefers the smallest cat bed she can possibly cram herself into(I have pics in my profile for proof)- and I’m sure we’ve all heard of the princess and the pea, well, that is my dog. She has always “nested” and that process lasts anywhere from 10 mins. to half an hour, well, she has a new way to fix her bed. She stands on one side while she pulls the other sides the way she wants them, and goes around and around until she’s satisfied that it is right. Then, while still standing on the sides to keep them from falling down, she quickly plops herself down, making sure nothing has come out as she’s plopping. Then she repeats this process for whatever amount of time is necessary to get it just right. While all this is going on, my husband and I are laughing histerically. Heaven forbid one of the corners comes out, because the princess and the pea will not sleep if she doesn’t have her bed, and it’s not exactly perfect. No, she will sit up and cry until she gets it perfect. Also when she was really young, and was coming to the grooming shop where I work, she got in trouble a few times, and my boss(and cousin) made her go into a kennel. Lillie is a bit over dramatic, even still, and once she was shoved into the kennel, she started to huff and puff, she was making so much noise, and when we checked on her, she was literally blowing he cheeks out puffing, because she was mad! It was the funnist thing I have ever seen any dog do! So you might want to work on yelling at the dog, even when you can’t yell cause you’re laughing so hard you’re peeing your pants. It will happen, these dogs are clowns, and they’re also big babies, and will pull out the sad eyes, and the pouty face whenever they think they can play you! And, I agree, once these dogs ram their way into yor heart, you’ll never look back. They are amazing, and you’ll have the time of you life being with them. Enjoy, and remember to keep that camera handy! Also, you may wanna check out , under “pet pitbull”, “pitter patter”, and “inspirations”. They also have magazines all about pits as a breed, and for training these breeds-and we all know they require some special training,cause they’re so smart, and so creative. The best part is that they bond so closely with their ppl. that you’ll have the best friend you could ever want, but never would have thought to ask for.