That’s very good news! I love

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That’s very good news! I love it when things can be solved peacefully.  And I love happy pits! We have a dog next door that terrorizes my pit.  This dog is an inside dog and EVERY time his owners bring him out for a walk he comes out swingin.  They use a harness and he comes out barking and standing straight up on his hind two legs.  We finally nicknamed him Superman because he thinks he’s invinceable.  His name is Coco and he is ready and willing to go toe to toe with Kaos every day.  Kaos usually just watches him for a minute, then comes back inside. It would be very irritating that they allow their dog to chase my poor pit back inside his own home, except that this dog is a toy poodle.  His owners have apologized several times for his behavior and they love that Kaos is so well behaved.  We just sit and laugh, only I think it’s started a neighborhood uprising, the teacup chiwhawha across the street and the minpin cross behind us have both gotten a little big for their britches.  Every time Kaos sees them he hides behind my legs.  It’s getting embarrassing. 😉