That’s very cute!  When we


That’s very cute!  When we were looking for a puppy we were adament that we would not let him get away with things like sleeping on the bed.  Kaos slept with us from day one 😉 He was just so cute and tiny tiny (he was the runt and weighed 4 lbs when we got him, now he weighs 70.)  He has a bed, complete with blanket and pillow that he gets tucked into every night.  He’s very spoiled.  He’s ok with sleeping on the floor next to us, unless his covers come off.  Then he gets cold and wants to cuddle.  I have faith that your little girl will get more and more confident as time goes on.  Part of the deal with pits is that they get very attached to people and if her previous owners just dumped her it may take her a little bit to truly open up to you.  Keep encouraging her, keep up the walks and give her time to settle in.  It sounds like she’s one of the very lucky ones.  And I totally know what you mean about the velcro dog! If my husband and I shut Kaos out of the bathroom he will cry, with tears and everything till we come out.  He used to try to follow us into the shower too.  This wasn’t too bad, till he got so big that there isn’t enough room for him!  As time goes on her true personality will start to shine through.  She’ll become more attached and trusting of you and I would put money on it that she’ll just blossom into the best little dog you’ve ever had!