That’s so funny!  The kids


That’s so funny!  The kids accidentally let my dog out of the house and I went after him.  A block away from our house I saw a guy outside with his 3 kids and his little minpin type dog.  He yelled at his kids to go in the house after he saw Kaos, but I was too far away to tell him the dog was friendly.  At any rate, the guys little dog came flying down the drive way barking at Kaos (little dog syndrome!) I could see the guys face turn white and he started SCREAMING at his dog to come back.  I’m pretty sure he thought his poor little pooch was about to become a snack.  Kaos looked up, saw the little dog coming for him, turned around and came FLYING back towards me with a terrified expression on his face.  The guy stopped, mid-scream, the dog chased Kaos for a second, then decided he’d done his job and went back home.  I just stopped and shook my head at the increadible bravery displayed by my 70 lb. Pit Bull.