That’s ridiculous! Our dog is


That’s ridiculous! Our dog is usually never interested in anybody who isn’t interested in him. If people walk the other way or go to the other side of the street, he just keeps prancing along, smiling all the way.

And why don’t people realize that, if you allow a dog to approach you and he/she is wagging their tail, that means they are HAPPY?? Since when did a wagging tail mean hate? Some humans…I know we’ve all made mistakes, but if you’re going to have these opinions, be able to back it up some way. I have not met a single person who has these views who has been able to express to me reasons based on personal experiences; it’s usually “oh, I read on the news” or “I heard it through the grapevine.”

I’m just grateful we have sites, such as these, where we can lift each other up, share stories, and spread good word about this breed. Honestly, this dog is the best animal I’ve ever had; other dogs never allow me to grab things out of their mouth, but I open his jaws and grab things he shouldn’t have in there–brush his teeth–he’s just the sweetest thing, and will continue to be so when we have children.