thats funny my dogs love

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thats funny my dogs love plastic bottles too but i just worry about them eating the little sharp pieces that they rip off. Also i know exactly where you are coming from my dogs are fine if they are left out one at a time but if i try to leave all five of them out at the same time they have a blast destroying my house and thats even if i walk them before i leave. The one that chews the worst is not fully house broken, if we are watching her she is fine but as soon as we leave her alone of she is out of our sight she love to poop all over my house and pee on our beds i tried closing off all the rooms and she recently chewed through the door to get into my room. This situation is becoming a nightmare but i hate to give her up because i have her sister too and i think that they will be heart broken. Having five pits and three kids is tons of work and it really wears a person down but i just dont have the heart to give any of them up!!!