That is a dilemma! I think

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That is a dilemma! I think the obvious cause and where she went after to attack is obvious, her being kicked by men. He was also probably wearing the same type of shoe the men who hurt her were wearing. She is probably associating those shoes with pain. Does she react only when your husband wears them or is it all the time now? Also is it possible to post private property do not enter on your land? How dare they come on your property and attack your dog. That is what has happened she has been attacked by multiple men. I think calling a pit bull rescue for assistance is a good idea. They know the breed and have to deal with aggression. Let them know that you are in trouble financially and need help correcting this behavior, cant afford a trainer, and want to keep her. I think any pitty rescue would be happy to help keep her in her loving home.

Also if I was your husband I would not wear golfing shoes around her, she probably associates the shoes with pain. I also wouldn’t put her on the same porch any longer, she probably associates that porch with being attacked. Both will make her fearful and reactive.