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Thanks so much for the advice, someone even suggested keeping a leash on her for when she goes to head towards the door to grab her I usually keep her outside (we have a fenced in back yard) during the day but that day I decided to bring her in and bam the door gets opened and she takes off after those dogs, I honestly believe she thought those dogs were going to harm the boys and it was as if she was protecting them. I love her and in my heart I DO NOT believe she would ever try to harm my children. My baby is a pit so of course she should be “put down” well so says the “dog warden” but I’m not doing it she at first had me convinced it was the best thing to do for the “sake of my children”, but I think she just wants me to put her down to have one less pit in Ohio well not gonna happen (unless the judge would order it) but I will make sure that this never happens again cause I don’t want to have to go through this again.