Thanks so much for all the

go ask alice

Thanks so much for all the info!
I make sure i dont reward her when she bites, and i do let out a little ‘yelp’ when she bites to hard, she automatically lets go and starts licking me and trying to cuddle up, but i make sure she knows that this isnt a behavior i want or that will continue into her adult years.

I find that if she starts trying to play and bite, i just corrected it, make her sit and calm down a bit, then i give her this bone thats shes been going crazy about for about a week or so now and she wont even try to bite for a really long time, its like i got all the bite out of her haha.

I didnt mean ‘reinforcing’, i actually ment correcting.
But so far shes been doing great so i must be doing something right (:,
thanks again!