Thanks for the suggestions!


Thanks for the suggestions! They definitely won’t be left unattended anytime soon. Lucky for me, I don’t go back to work until August 16th so I have almost 4 weeks to be with them and work on behavior and training. Once I go back to work, the puppy will either be crated or outside while Raleigh is inside.

I don’t know if this means anything but yesterday I dropped Atticus off at the vet to have his cut looked at. He stayed over night because I am going out of town and already had plans to board him and Raleigh. When I returned home and let Raleigh back in the house, she seemed lost. She ran into the laundry room to see if Atticus was eating. Then when we went upstairs, she immediately went to his crate and sniffed around. When she got on the bed, she ended up laying down on the bed in the spot where Atticus tends to sleep when he lays with me. She never lays on that spot. She typically lays at the foot of the bed on my feet but last night, she curled up at the top of the bed and laid beside me.

Could it be that she possibly senses that Atticus is not around and misses him?