Thanks for all the comments!

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Thanks for all the comments! He hasn’t gotten any bumps on his skin since this time, and I think the only thing we’ve changed since then was a different shampoo, and his food. He’s now on something that has a little more oil in it, which I think has nourished his drier skin. He did have some sort of a reaction to something (not quite what sure) either in our house, outside, or to some allergen in the air–caused a reaction to his skin just under his chin–was all red, he’d scratch at it (but never when we were around)…took him to the vet, the vet gave him a shot that was supposed to eliminate the issue at hand, which it did. He hasn’t had any reaction since that time–hard to tell what that was all about. Just gotta keep an eye on our mischievious, precious pooch. 😛