Thank you Raisins mom.


Thank you Raisins mom. However if you would like to see what they put on the news about it you can view it on
It is the one Not all pit bulls are vicious. I was a little upset with the station because it aired on the 11 pm news on a different station at 10pm they gave a teaser of what was to come at 11. In that they said that there was a local little boy attacked by a pit bull then on the flip side there was my story. I had no idea that a kid was attacked when they interviewed me I was so pissed. I do think however it went over ok not as well as I had hoped but not horrible either. That story is on their website as well. Take a look at both even give your opinion on there if you want. I told them about this site and how great it is. The attack on the boy was totaly the owners fault and it is clear in the interview of the boys father it was and the father wasn’t crazy and yelling or demanding anything so it was not over dramatic like most attack articles are. I hope I didn’t let our pit community down last night.