Thank you for your very


Thank you for your very informative reply.  You have really helped me, and now I feel empowered in having a plan to deal with this situation!  I had not thought of documentation.  My husband thinks it may only cause more problems – because these folks have a 40ish year-old son who lives at home (doesn’t work & not because of the bad economy – he is just a spoiled looser) and has nothing better to do than cause problems & spends a lot of time in front of his house trying to chat greetings (and the dog warning) with others – a lot of people take walks in our neighborhood.  I told my husband I will still document incidents, and he and I can make our decision to call the cops or not – after a few more incidents.  I’ve started my documentation with last Saturday’s incident.  I haven’t much time to spend out front (work & running kids around), so it may take awhile for me to catch the next incident.  Maybe the police going to their home and notifying them of the complaint – will be embarassing enough for them to stop.  Unfortunately, a slander lawsuit would be stressful, time consuming & expensive ~ and the dog did get in trouble with the county ~ so I don’t know if him calling her a bad dog is slander for sure?  I feel so much better, now that I have read your post.  What a relief!  Thank you ~ thank you :o)