Thank you for all that info,

go ask alice

Thank you for all that info, really helpful!

The breeder actually does have proof of genetic testing and pedigree’s, they arnt serious breeders, they’ve only bred acouple of there dogs and i just love the look of them, they are stopping breeding after this because they feel like there are to many irresonsible owners and to many dogs that need rescueing, they will continue to show there dogs but no more breeding.

I have definately been doing my homework, before Alice i was looking for over 2 years in shelters and actual breeders, not BYBS.

I will admit tho, i didnt give Alice’s breeder much thought, as soon as i seen her, i knew i had to have her. She looked like my very first pitbull Cesar who everyone called my brother.

Thank you so much!! Kayla is just to cute, i love her build and white chest, just perfect!