Thank you, and congrats on


Thank you, and congrats on yours as well. =] Butch, really is a wonderful family addition, and I couldn’t be more pleased. He’s the best companion and my son’s best friend. I doubt I will ever own any other breed. I’m absolutely smitten with him. As for his temperment test, the vet had brought it to my attention. I felt it was a good idea, because I too also wanted to know the areas we needed to work on. I’m also in a smaller town in Michigan. =] Do you mind me asking where abouts your located? I’m located in Oakland County. I haven’t had him out for walks yet, but that’s because we’re just about to finish up his shots, and I don’t want him to get sick. But he does go for car rides, I introduce him to new people in the home, and he’s been getting socialization with our other family pets, as well as a friend of mines Pit Bull puppy. He’s done great. =] He really is a special boy.

I still would love to know what Butch is mixed with, and lately I have been leaning towards a Stafford Bull Terrier. I do plan on getting the genetic testing done on him, and for no other reason than my own curiousity. =]