Thank Yasminpix! Yeahi

go ask alice

Thank Yasminpix!

Yeahi understand that i’ll probably have to train my older dog aswell, but its jusst frusterating because shes hardly even my dog, more so my dads and as soon as i leash her or anything he acts like im killing her and starts saying “whaaaaat, what are you doing that for? look! shes miserable, thats just stupid take it off.” sure you may think its stupid but i dont.
I definatly know what your talking about, anything my older dog does she jumps right in and does it to, like my older dog desided to eat some of my cereal when i left the room, alice is to short but if she was taller she would have been eatting that cereal to. I was so mad, its like i had Alice on the right track and now its going in a totally different direction.

Lately tho i’ve just been doing the same things with her as i would do with Alice, kind of putting my foot down on all of her bad habits, its been working so far.

Its not like i dont know how to train dogs, its just this isnt exactly my dog. But if its gonna live in my house shes gonna have to learn.

Thanks again! and your pup is suuuuuper cute aswell (: love the ears!