Take your puppy out as much


Take your puppy out as much as you can and make sure that you utilize the SAME door every time you go out, so the puppy will know which door to go to. Many dogs do not show signs of when they have to go out. I have a 2-3 year old, and she doesn’t really show a lot of signs. She will stop playing and kind of wander around. If we are sitting down, she will come up to us and just stare at us, typically tilting her head. Then we ask if she has to go potty, and then she trots over to the door. Some dogs just aren’t obvious. But since you have a puppy, you can train her. Right now, the important part is getting her used to pottying outisde and not inside.

One way that can be successful is to tether her to you. Use a short leash, and attach it to your belt buckles, or around your waist. Or, have a leash on your wrist. This way, she is always with you, and you can begin to learn her potty signs (circling, tail up, beginning to squat, etc.). Most of the time, housetraining is an owner issue and NOT the dog (unless the dog is ill). When she shows a sign that concerns you, scoop her up and take her outside to her designated potty spot. Say “go potty” as she is wandering around outside to potty. When she goes potty, make sure you parise her and treat her RIGHT OUTSIDE! Heck, even say “good potty!!!”. Don’t wait until you get inside to praise and treat, you have to do it when the act occurs.

By giving your puppy a potty party, it clicks in her brain that “hmmm…I go potty outside, and I get a party”. Eventually, she will figure out that going outside means treats. To this day, when my dog goes potty, I cheer and praise her. I always say “good pee” or “good poopie”. In fact, when she is pottying, she is always looking right at me, as if waiting for me to throw her a party. And gosh darn it, a potty party she gets. We have never had a mistake in the house.

You want to set your dog up to be successful in what she does. Positive reinforcement for the good things and ignoring the bad things are what will work. Punishment doesn’t work.

When you are taking her outside to potty, start saying “go potty” so that she associates with going out to door to mean “go potty”, and also say it as she is going. You will be happy when you can just ask her “Do you need to go potty”, and she will go to the door.

One thing to keep in mind to is that puppies, females especially, are prone to bladder infections and urinary tract infections, which will cause them to pee more and in inappropriate places. If the peeing is inside and frequent, please go to the vet and have a urine screen done.