Sorry to hear about your


Sorry to hear about your predicament. Your dog is clearly dangerous.  Running out of the house and biting someone is not the normal behavior of a Pit Bull.  To add insult to injury, he tries to attack the animal control officer.  As much as it pains to see the dog not be given another chance, that any other breed would be afforded, the fact is; this is not any other breed.  The next time could have disastrous consequences.  We (the entire pit bull community) cannot afford to have such a dog carrying the pit bull name.  We don’t need any more bad press.  Bad apples have to go.  I realize you don’t consider your dog to be a bad apple, but ask the person that was bitten, or the animal control officer.  Most animal control officers have dealt with hundreds of pits and know that the vast majority are very loving.  So when one demonstrates the kind of aggression your dog has, there is no other choice.  Sorry, but true.