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Something to consider about pit bulls is their pain tolerance. They have a very high pain tolerance, which means that children tugging and pulling and playing rough wont bother a pit bull. Another dog might get a pinch and snap at a child in defense, but not a pit bull 🙂 that, coupled with their patience and wonderful temperament makes the pit bull a great choice for a family dog. I would say that the most important thing to consider when getting a dog is to get one your totally comfortable with. If your not comfortable with pit bulls, you don’t have to get one. It’s better to get a dog your totally at ease with, especially considering the new baby, and that your going to have alot on your hands as it is when she comes. I can tell you this from experience, I never had a problem with pit bulls before I got Riley, but after everything you hear about them I was a bit nervous around them at times. When I got Riley, he was a puppy and there was no way not to love him. I grew with him and any fears I had went out the door. He was also alot of work. ALOT of work. Potty training, obedience, taking him outside, making sure I wasn’t gone anywhere too long, It was hard, especially because I am a student and have other work to do. Riley is 7 mos. now and what a great dog he is! I love him, he’s smart as a whip and loving and a GREAT dog all around. He loves kids and small animals. I just think (for me)it might be really hard to have a puppy and a new baby at the same time, any puppy, but especially a high energy dog like a pit bull. I think a pit bull would be a good addition to your family, but for me, I couldn’t take care of any kind of puppy and a newborn baby at the same time. I might wait till the baby was a little older, but thats just me. Hope this helps, and whatever you decide to do, whatever kind of dog you get, I wish you the best of luck! Congrats on the baby!