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Some of what ur talking about is seperation anxiety. My staffie has seperation anxiety and she used to eat my furniture, remotes, phones anything of mine she could find. I know this is going to sound funny but I leave the TV on for her when I’m not home and I gave her my blanket to sleep with and she doesn’t tear up anything while I’m gone anymore. She has lots of bones and a Kong treat dispenser. I put them all in her toy box ( shaped like a bone, so cute) and put the lid on it. She uses alot of energy getting the lid off just to get to the toys. I live in an apartment also so I exercise her before I go to work and that gives her lots of chances to potty. Also if you don’t have room for a crate just get a baby gate and keep her in an areal thats tiled like the bathroom or kitchen, its less expensive and doesn’t take up any room. I have one that has a door so I keep the gate up all the time and just open and close the door when I need to go in or out. I hope this helps. 🙂