some dogs urinate when they


some dogs urinate when they get overly excited. other reasons too is a sign of being submissive to you or another dog. gotta figure that you are his pack leader, hes going to be the low man on the totem pole. Its also a sign of greeting. They see someone that they really want to please, or who intimidates them,they pee. Also, young dog really dont have all that great bladder control. . They get excited when they see you and yeah…you get pee. If they get in trouble, they pee too.Im reading this book called “The Secret Lives of Dogs” and its says “Unless your dog is still a puppy, its unlikely that she’s going to learn to control her bladder any better. But she can learn to control her emotions generally. The less excited she gets, the less likely she’ll be to make a mess. By far the best way to teach dogs to control their exuberance is to teach them basic obediance. Dogs who have learned to listen for instructions are generally calmer then those without any training”. The book is so interesting to read.