So sorry to learn of this


So sorry to learn of this situation.  I can only imagine how you must feel.  However, I think you should count your lucky stars that you have such a wonderful neighbor to take care of your dog and a job waiting for you in this horrible economy.  I used to have a boss who lived in another town.  He lived in our area during the week for work – then went home and lived there on the weekends.  He said it was funny – that the dogs were just as excited to see him after a week, as they were to see him after a quick trip to the store.  I don’t think dogs have the capability of rationalizing how much time has gone by.  It sounds like you may even be able to see your dog every weekend, with the hour boat ride.  I know it will be difficult to be without your doggie every day ~ but, I do think you will adjust ~ and keep in mind that the dog is with someone you know – and not with strangers.  Sending positive thoughts your way . . .