slash’s mom, your dog growls


slash’s mom,
your dog growls when you pet him while eating because its his alpha dog alpha dog in a pack in the wild eats first before the other dogs and growls at anyone who tries to eat with or before him.a dog, once domesticated, the humans become his pack.and be careful about the growling thing, growling often leads to biting. you just have to establish authority with your dog, he is treating you like his subordinate and not his alpha(human owner). but never beat him, well, there are some instances that you may need to spank him but is not really advisable.pit bulls are not lapdogs so never treat them as one.never teach them human emotions though they are part of your family, they still need to act as dogs.its also important that he socializes with other pups or dogs and humans. what i do with puppies, by the way, is i hand-feed them before i put the food in their bowls so they know that its my food I’m giving them.and that is one way of establishing authority.its also important that only one person in the family feeds the pit bull, so he knows who is really in command, well, that’s just based on my experience.hope it helps..