She is prescribed valium and


She is prescribed valium and that helps somewhat if I can give it to her before the storm comes. Of course I have to know it is coming, and be home. If she is already scared the valium has no affect at all. I will look into these thanks.

Although she is scared of thunder and fireworks she is not afraid of loud power tools, vacuum, mowers, etc… it’s been a journey figuring out her needs. My house has a flat roof so you can hear the rain, (great for people), and a lot of large windows and lots of sliding glass doors. There is really no escape for her from the lightning, thunder, or rain. I tried making a cave for her in the hall to the guest bedrooms, shutting all the doors and the sliding door that separates it from the main house. The hall is small and I brought it further down by emptying the linen closet of items on the floor and filling it with blankets. 1 of the doors I kept open and the shelves are low so I thought okay it’s a space within a space perfect for her to hide. She hid there once but it didn’t help her. She is making a little improvement. If it is raining when I get home, (summer in fl this is almost a daily occurrence), I go directly to my bedroom and lay in bed she lays on the floor beside me and I pet her. This seems to help somewhat. If I let her in my bed she paces on top of me strangely beside me seems to be more of a help. If I am sitting in a chair she crawls under my legs so it makes me wonder if she doesn’t feel safer, “under” me like I am separating her from the storm.