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Separation anxiety: I think it is Caesar Milan that said… If you are the pack leader, the pack leader can leave anytime and naturally, the pack will not be upset. I suggest you be more of a Pack Leader…don’t let him do everything HE wants. Read up on it a little…he talks about simple things like.. you need to make sure YOU rather than the dog go out the door first, and back into the house first, he should eat AFTER you and lie down out of eyesight when you are eating, he needs walks where you are the leader and he has to follow. I made some small changes at first and they lead to others, nothing awful…just, how should I put it, a little “mean”. It puts the dog in his place and makes you the Master/Owner, not just a Pal. This is an important concept and will give you more control should you need it. He needs to obey and understand that you get to do whatever YOU want not what HE wants you to do. After all you are the human!