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Rollergrrl I am so glad I’m not the only one that is annoyed with Big Red’s posts. Doesn’t it seem like he is a poor advocate for the breed when all he does is say how dangerous they are and NO ONE does their research. I have looked at most of these posts and read his and the funny thing is they are ALL negative. It is funny how he thinks that people are getting mad because of his opinions do agree with some but they don’t agree with ALL and after reading the same repeat crap over and over you would think he would just SHUT UP about it. I agree with you and Armywife completely. Regardless of poor breading or not I resuced my one pit from the humane society and the other I got from a friend. It sounds as though he is SUCH A GOOD trainer/owner that he can’t take the challenge of a troubled dog LOL. Oh well maybe oneday he will get over himself and post something postive. LOL