Right on girl. Its sucks and


Right on girl. Its sucks and can be stressful to be breaking the law cause you don’t wanna be that kind of person but when they are descriminating you kind of have too. People say America is the Land of the Free but Ohio (where I live) has it actually written in their state law that pit bull type dogs are deemed “vicious”. I live in the only state that has the law written in our state laws. Other states here have ordiances and bans on the breed but they are only in certain cities or counties not the entire state. I somewhat have a double whammy because my city has an ordiance on top of the states. ERRRRRRR! However I do get by with just the stat law because even though my address is Lima I don’t live in the city limits I live 3blocks north of it whew! If you get a chance look up Ohio BSL regulations for the US and you will see what I mean. The ridiculous crap I have to do to walk my wonderful pitties. Granted you can’t be seen with yours outside. I’m sorry for that. I meant the law standards for the state minus I don’t muzzle them when they are on walks or in public because I feel it is cruelty to animals. My thoughts to law makers on that one is you wrap something around your head so you can’t open your mouth and breath properly especially on a 80 or 90 degree day and tell me how it feels!!!!