Research is very important


Research is very important and you are doing the right thing. My pit isnt the typical high energy pit. I would know my lifestyle and try to get a pit that matches it… if that information is available at this shelter. Luckily my shelter did have this information available they screen all dogs for their personality traits. My pit is great for me and my lifestyle. If you do decide to get a pit be prepared for a lot of love and a dog that will want to cuddle with you on the couch. I have learned that pits, at least mine, think they are lap dogs they love being with and even on their owner! As much as love as you give them the give you several times more. Mine lays her head on my lap, (see the pic in my avatar), and stares at me. I haven’t had her long but am already happy with my decision. Two really big tips that I cannot stress enough, they definiantely need exercise your dog will let you know how much it needs. Mine doesn’t need much but I push her a little, the more exercise she gets the happier she is, although she does look wore out! =) The other is get toys for pits. They are very very smart, (mine is) and they like their brains to be exercised as much as their bodies. They have powerful jaws and the toy has to be able to withstand it. As a new pit owner of a rescue myself I know right where you are and can tell you that you will be very satisfied if you get the right dog for you and follow through with the research and advise you get from other pit owners. Good luck I hope all goes well!!