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When I have Ace outside for awhile and he is playing in the grass and stuff he gets little red bumps on him too that go away by the next day. My vet said it is a skin allergy to the grass most likely and if he seems bothered by them give him some benadryal. As far as the crazy running when O’Shea comes inside I would say he is just happy and excited Ace will do the same thing some times. I will let him out to do that in the backyard with Kira (my other pit) and he won’t play at all then I let him in and he jumps on my bed and sticks his butt in the air shaking it like come on mom lets play and he’ll grab my arm and jump at me and take off tearing down my hallway wanting to play then all the sudden when i don’t play I will look and he’s laying in his bed in the living room almost alseep. I just laugh at him he is just a dork! It would say its normal its just his personality.