@rebeccajoshuaoshea I was so

Mama luvs Maximus

@rebeccajoshuaoshea I was so distraught at the thought of my dog being shot at when I wrote this.  Reading it now I see how ignorant I sound to think that he would become a blood thirsty crazed animal!! LOL  I do usually keep him on a leash when he’s in the yard because we don’t have a fence yet!  And I also have trained him to sit and get down when he jumps (it’s a work in progress).  For the most part he does as he’s told which is why we were so shocked that he bit the boy!!  My dog just got over excited, unfortunately the boy paid the price 🙁   We have since spoken to the boy and his mother and everyone has calmed down (thank God)!!  I’ve been browsing around the site and came across some training advice in regards to jumping and I’ve been trying to use some of the advice that I’ve read, so far so good 🙂  Thank God for sites like this one!!