Rebecca, I got my first pit


I got my first pit puppy last June. I did all the obedience and got her Canine Good Citizen Ceritified. She is so destructive when she gets mad it drives me crazy. If I go outside to water my flowers and she can’t see me she will grab the newspaper or anything like that she can tear up and shred it. If i put her in her crate she will do it to bedding in there. But I love her to peices. So I decided to get another pit from the Humane Society that was already house broken (yeh). He is the best dog. He loves any bedding you put in there for him and never torn anything up unitl I started working full time and they are are in their crates from 8am to 11:30am then 12:30pm to 5pm. Now he has developed seperation anxiety bad and will sometimes tear stuff up in his crate. Now also if they are in the house and I’m outside and Kira tears something up he will assist in destroying it too. He has learned that from her. But I would highly recommend crating them both while you are not home no matter how trained they their because they are born fighters and my love each other but when one has had enough they will turn. I have never had a fight that I couldn’t stop with just my tone of voice but teeth have been beared and it got somewhat vocal so just as a precaustion.