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In response, I am a lawyer working for the World Health Organization. My wife is a OB/GYN. My father worked at JPL for years as a cosmo physicist. 

We fit into your ‘high income/high IQ’ category. We all own pitbull terriers and have for years. I must admit, my wife was generally wary of pitbulls when we first started dating years ago. She heard the horror stories of locked jaws (which isn’t accurate) and maulings and general malfeasance surrounding the breed. But she soon fell in love with Jake and eventually took him to visit patients on her rounds at the hospital where she was doing clinicals.That was many, many years ago and we now have 3 teenagers who have been raised with pitbulls. We have never had a single problem.

We do not take our dogs to the dogpark. We used to but people made so many disparaging comments concerning our dogs (will he attack our dog? etc.) that we no longer went. Plus, as has been said in many other posts, no matter if the sweet, adorable lab started the fight, my dog was often blamed.

My father is 89 and his pitbull, Daisy, sleeps happily at his feet most of the day, rolling over for the occasional tummy rub.

Yes, we pay more in insurance premiums. We pay more for higher fences. We pay more in social standings and for people who assume that pitbull owners must be lowlife scum who only fight the dogs. But would I ever change places with my neighbors who pay thousands for the newest designer dogs who were bred inhumanely in puppy mills? Never.

I will continue to rescue pitbulls from the pound and fight against BSL.