Raw diets are the best

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Raw diets are the best nutrtion as long as there is bone. Not bone meal, whole bone. supplements are uneccessary as long as you are using no GMO’s, PERIOD!! Never feed raw pork nor Salmon. Your dog will get parasites that can be fatal very quickly to your dog if fed raw. A dogs diet consists the same of a Wolve or Canis Lupis. The only vegetation your dog would get NATURALLY would be in the preys stomach. Would it hurt to add some? No and I add to my diet as well. all vegetation should be limited to 10% of your dogs diet. As far as meats, NO G.M.O!!!

GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS. Stay away from these meats for your dogs and of course, for you!

Go to your local butcher. Chicken backs are my #1 ingredient because they are farmed locally and 100% organic by all means. There is plenty of bone and cartiledge. No need for glucosamine tablets or calcium tabs. Plus your dog having to work for his meal cleans his teeth and does something that dogs who eat commercial based diets dont, CHEW. Dogs dont chew kibble, they grab it break it, crumbles and they swallow it. When your dog chews his jaws are sending a message to the body, “Get ready for acidic LIVING foods”. A dogs pH balance is 1.0!!

Do your research. Know what the hell is actually going into your dog’s bowl!