Raleigh908 is right. Just get


Raleigh908 is right. Just get them in the routine and they’ll be fine. I used to crate my pit Sasha when I left the house because I had heard horror stories of pits eating furniture and such. Finally I decided to just try and leave her out. (She did eat a shoe once, so remember to not leave anything at their level that looks like a toy). I went to the store and back. Started taking longer trips. Now she’s fine.

I get up in the am and throw her ball a few times outside. She runs around and potties. I feed her, give her a treat, tell her “be good” and head off to class. When I come home we go straight out to potty and play ball. “Be good” has sort of become her command that I am leaving, but she knows I come back so there’s no anxiety about it.

The only problem I ever had was when I had 2 dogs they would play together while I was gone and all the wrestling made them have to potty sooner and there were more accidents in the house. Just something to keep in mind 🙂 Good luck!