Raisins Mom,   I respect the


Raisins Mom,


I respect the honesty in your response.

My point was not to disrespect any profession or anyone not making a certain amount of money. It’s not about the profession or money.

 I brought up the professions and money example to point out that smart people generally do not own pits because they’ve weighed the risks. Pits are a great example of breeding for specific traits, but those traits are often mortal to others in society and their pets. Moreso than other breeds. How more clear could those risks be if you need to breakstick for a pit? Maybe it’s not a media conspiracy, maybe pits just really are more dangerous. 

I’ve seen pit owners deal with this ‘more dangerous breed’ question in 2 ways.

There’s the ‘who gives a damn about others’ attitude” I’ve seen from many pit owners. These are the really low IQ ones who give all pit owners a really bad name. They’re also the ones who own pits because they think it makes them look cool. Or tough. Or whatever. They don’t try to understand their dogs enough to control them or prevent harm. They just morons who own dogs. Extra lack of IQ points to the owners who are oblivious to any risk at all. See sleeved up, drug using criminal lowlife in this category. 

Then there’s the group who deals with the ‘danger’ aspect through denial. These are usually the smarter pit bull owners. They’re just too emotionally attached to their dog to take an honest look at the danger issue. Because if they did, they might see that they’ve got a duty to protect others and others’ pets from their dog. It hard because it requires cold logic. But that’s the test.

Finally, maybe your example of a vet who owns pits supports pits not really being dangerous. However, given that her living is made dealing with dogs and her that she has immense education behind her, her decisions are far more informed than the average pit owner. I trust her about a million times more than the average pit owner. I’m sure your pit is a great dog, but you’re one of the few pit owners that really really cares about understanding their dog. If more were like you, we’d all be in a better spot. It’s the rest of the pack I have issues with. I know too many pit owners who are flat out incompetant. Playing with a loaded gun. I’d feel better if it were a requirement to make would-be pit owners take a thorough course before being able to get a pit. 






P.S. Do any of you bring your pits to a dog park?