Raisin is fearful of many

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raisins mom

Raisin is fearful of many people he meets, esp men so I decided that my best option was to not force people on him. I don’t hide him eithter. I will have them toss him treats, good stuff like chicken or hotdog and ignore him. I keep him on a leash tho so I he can’t get near someone and bite them out of fear. Another option you may try is dogs love to go for walks. Leash up your dog and take your friend with you enjoy an outing. It’s great for your and you (even tho it’s winter and like many I prefer to be in the house) it’s stil an option. You want your dog to see that when a man she doesn’t like is around great things happen. Another is yer family that she is reacting to may be emiiting a sense of uneasyness around her that she is picking up on. So make it a great event when they come over.
Lastly I have said it on here before because Iswear by it, but where I live the SPCA offers low cost dog training and it works. Raisin and I go each week and the instructors have been wonderful and helped him get over some his fears.