Pit bulls are very active


Pit bulls are very active when they are puppies. My daughter got this dog as a puppy, she was very active. When her pup got about 6 month old she got very active, she was testing everyone. My daughter had her crate up to 8 hours, by the time she got home from work. The puppy was in full charge and was in warp drive. They are very smart they learn quickly who is in charge. In my daughter case the dog was in charge. So I had take custody of this dog. Dogs are like children you have to give them rules and guidance. Pit bulls work the best with positive training and being consistence. And socializing is a must.
My other pit bull is a rescue. She came to me she was 1 1/2 yrs old. She was house trained but not trained to get in crate. But learned quickly with treats that the crate is her room and she goes in not fast but she goes in.
Going to a rescue and seeing what they got is a good idea. With a puppy are ready for house training, and all the testing of puppy hood? There are some pitties that are giving up cause the family couldn’t take them. They may be older but just need a new family. There nothing wrong with them they just got left behind. But I do stress there are some many in rescues. Yes you have to pay an adoption fee. But they come already altered and microchip and you will have a support group from that rescue. And you will be helping to get another one into rescue that might be in a kill shelter.